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This is where having lots of blog readers comes in handy, right??

Here’s what I’m dreaming of for some upcoming photo shoots and would LOVE if some nice soul would make them for me ASAP.

– A very colorful patchwork quilt. Patterned, bright, including colors of the whole rainbow.
A newborn baby-sized knitted hat, preferably ivory or light gray. Maybe with a pompom. We’ve got a volunteer! YAY!

CAN ANYONE MAKE THESE FOR ME? I’ll repay you with a freeeeeeee photoshoot!!!! No, honestly. We’ll talk.

I know, I know.. I could go to Etsy and buy something, but I kinda of want to know the person making these. “Know” as is, this person loves my blog. K? K!

Honestly… Email me… please? twayphoto[at]gmail[dot]com.


(by Blue Lily Photo, my family photog HEROS)


[from 2008]


Guys, can we just take a trip down memory lane for a sec and appreciate the first blog banner t.w.a.y was graced with? (over at blogspot)

I mean. Helvetica Neue seemed like a good choice at the time.

Ok, that’s all.



Movies we need to watch soon:: You’ve Got Mail. What Women Want. Jaws.
Movies we just rented from the lib that I’m crazy about:: The Prestige. Chocolat.


Besides that:

the Wellesley library has dedicated tables for family scrabble night // making some ..
perfect sunsets in our neighborhood // fave issue of this awesome mag, thanks kelli!

Hey. So. This was an uneventful blog post. Bam.


[things & stuff]


I really want to go back to Hawai’i.

Now that that’s out of the way.

Onto some unimportant tidbits that I only write because I’m scared of writing more substantial things.

1. Nate just texted me and told me Ben & Jerry (my first two boyfriends ever) just released a CANNOLI ICE CREAM. Are you kidding me?! Boy, you better not be kidding me. Let’s raid all the grocery stores. That flavor belongs in my freezer/belly forEVER.

2. Speaking of freezers, Nate & unhealthy foods…. Last Sunday we bought 4 pounds of frozen cookie dough from a girl at church whose middle school cheer team was doing a fundraiser. Why we thought this was a good idea…. NO CLUE. Our freezer is definitely not big enough for cannoli ice cream AND 4 pounds of yumminess. At least I’ll have something to bring to the church cookie swap in December.

3. #RunSeptember isn’t going perfectly, but it’s going. I’ve missed 7 out of 19 days which is embarrassingly almost half the days, BUT I really do plan on running every other day this month. On the 30th I want to run 6 miles, something I haven’t done in almost a year, so that will suck, but I need to re-start somewhere. Blah. Blahhhhhhhhh. Inspire me, peeps.

4. I miss my sister. MEGAN. I MISS YOU. Look guys, we’re twins. Baha.

5. Every time I drink a pumpkin spice latte I want to tweet about how amazing it is, but that’s probably annoying. Also, Peet’s Coffee pumpkin lattes? BETTER THAN THE BUCK OF STARS. So much better. Go there. Do it. Trust me. Even though the picture is of *bucks.

6. I did a newborn photo shoot on Sunday. He was adorable. Check the bizblog for those pics. His parents are yoga instructors and invited me to come to one of their classes and I told them last time I did yoga (hi Erin!) I was sore for 2 weeks. But you know. Maybe I’ll try it again.

7. Prayer request: A teen from our church was in a car accident and totally crushed up his ankle. He needs multiple surgeries to repair it, so please keep him in your prayers!

Well, that’s about it for now. Happy Wednesday, chaps!


[inside the tweets]


Guys, Nate doesn’t think I know how to grill. Like, WHO doesn’t know how to grill???? You throw some stuff on the meat (say a seasoning or marinade), then you lovingly place the meat on the already-heated-up grill, and then you WAIT. And then you eat dinner. And then you go to bed.

The reason? Photo shooting a one-year-old nugget baby! So pumped. I can’t even wait for all his little smiles and funny faces.

Not sure what happened to my hip, but it’s been real weird lately. Even after stretching and taking 2 days off from my intense (LOLjknot) #RunSeptember challenge, it’s still not feeling better. At least now I can walk, though. Tuesday even THAT was painful.

I actually can’t explain this one at all. Too many SECRETS. But just trust me. This month? IS FAB. And I just want to remember that. And potentially rub it in all the faces of people who aren’t in on our awesomeness…

I had to learn for the first time EVER how to make a Powerpoint presentation yesterday for work and it was not easy. I’d much rather use InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator than try to learn this weirdo program. UGH PPT. Who even ever abbreviates their program PPT?! Really guys.

Ignore the first part. I was feeling rude at the time. THE IMPORTANT PART IS Hunger Games is happening again! Ya’ll know I love me some Peeta. And rumor has it they’re starting to film the 2nd movie, so obviously I need to refresh my memory a bit.

Well that post was meaningful and full of substance.


[one frame]


Happy one month anniversary to US.

[i just really love music, k?]


I haven’t posted any musica in a LONG time. So here are some songs that have been on the playlist lately. And when I say lately I mean, like at least twice a day, maybe more.

So, funny story, Elise Hayes was a year above me in school in Keene! I remember her preforming at our high school talent show (called “Nostalgia”) and she was ALWAYS the best singer, honestly. It’s no surprise that she’s making amazing music now! Take a listen to this song, and then watch all her videos and then be her fan, k? Kgreat!

Brandon Heath probably wins the “longest time being my favorite artist” award (besides Backstreet Boys, duh), and he just released his new music video for his song “Jesus in Disguise”. And like usual, it’s really, really good. Great beats. Great lyrics. Great message. B.Heath, my man!

You might have seen this song by Matt Redman posted on my Twitter and FB pages already, and I’ve also noticed a whole bunch of friends talking about how powerful it’s been to them. I agree. I almost cried while singing it with worship team last week at church. It’s just… just listen, please.

And, because a new season of the Voice premiered last night, let’s just take a trip back to the first season when this girl probably should have won. Dia. Such an adorable human being.

Lecrae, the only artist in the genre of rap I can comfortably listen to, has just released his new album and it’s been on the TOP of the iTunes chart since last week. Like, WHAT! Rapping for Jesus, what a concept! This song is on of my faves on the new album. Bam!

Well… hope that was fun.

And that you actually listened to the songs and didn’t just scroll down to the bottom. Rude.