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Little Gifts.

You know me: I love lists. But this one is more special than those other lists.

This list will consist of little gifts God blesses me with, everyday. It’s me acknowledging those little things He does for me and actually stopping to thank Him. The things He whispers gently in the wind; things He’s set on my heart, things I’ve grown to love because of Him. Little things. Things… oh hey, in this world around me. (See what I did there? Theme of the blog! Bam!)

I’ll be adding to this as often as I see fit… So… probably a lot.


God’s Little Gifts

1. Imagination.
2. When God reminds me to offer to pray for a friend in need.
3. Funny dreams, so that I can call my mom in the morning and laugh about them with her.
4. Watching a little kid save the worms from a rainy sidewalk.
5. Desktop sticky notes.
6. Somehow always having a pen in my bag.
7. The privilege of watching a musical one of my closest friends choreographed herself.
8. People who take the time to comment on my blog.
9. Dove chocolate squares.
10. “Don’t worry about it, you’ll do the same for your kids.”
11. My own domain name.
12. Chilly, but sunny, mornings.
13. Energy to finish 5 miles.
14. Songs about summer.
15. “Give me your eyes so I can see everything I’ve been missing.”
16. Kate & Steph and their willingness to drive me places early in the morning.
17. The co-op right around the corner.
18. Enough quarters to do a load of laundry.
19. The girl at Dunkin’ Donuts who put the perfect amount of creamer in my hazelnut coffee.
20. “You are loved more than you can ever know.”
21. New episodes of Glee.
22. Productive procrastination.
23. The huge blessing of free printing at Newhouse.
24. Little green buds on the trees.
25. God’stiming.
26. Chai tea.
27. The bus driver who always says “Have a great day!” when I get off the bus.
28. The other bus driver who plays KLOVE and sings along to “How Great is our God”.
29. Inspiration.
30. Finding a Starbucks gift card at the bottom of my backpack.
31. N*Sync music bringing me back to a the playground swing where I used to sit and watch my dad play baseball in the summer.
32. Knee high argyle socks.
33. An external hard-drive that works.
34. Umbrellas.
35. Encouraging texts from Sarah every morning.
36. Nate’s hugs.
37. The mute button for when those annoying Pandora ads come on.
38. Finding the exact same shade of sea foam green nail polish as my self-branding.
39. Daffodils.
40. Searching for jobs has never been so easy.
41. Skinny vanilla lattes.
42. The junior Commie who found my school ID.
43. Seven of my closest friends since freshman year coming to my senior portfolio show.
44. The Salvation Army for taking all my old, too big clothes.
45. Mom.
46. Watching Rob experience his first surprise birthday party!
47. Meeting all of CMD 11’s parents. So easy to tell who belongs to who =)
48. Birds chirping.
49. Spring breeze.
50. Mornings on the porch in the sun.
51. Imagining what the birds are saying to each other.
52. Knowing God knows the amount of hairs on my head.
53. Oatmeal with almonds & honey.
54. 3 days of constant rain. It makes me appreciate the sun more.
55. Finding the YouTube channel with the whole first season of Dharma & Greg.
56. Free food.
57. My grandparents making the trek out to Syracuse to watch me graduate.
58. (Same goes for my parents and sister.)
59. Listening to Grandpa reminisce about what the SU campus used to look like when he was a student.
60. Sun flare.
61. Skype dates with good friends who live far away (*coughAlysecough*) =)
62. Advice.
63. The helpful dude at the camera shop who knows way more about cameras than I do.
64. Three awesome coffee shops on Main Street. In case I’m feeling indecisive.
65. The future job God has so perfectly planned for me.
66. Learning patience for said job.
67. Interviews.
68. 2 fluffy kitties to laugh at.
69. Mint soft serve.
70. Early morning mist when I run.
71. Birthdays.
72. The public library – helping reignite my love of getting lost in a book.
73. Fresh berries.
74. Phone calls with Nana. Her voice is so familiar and safe.
75. A summer full of things to get excited about.
76. An apartment!
77. Reminders from Rebecca.
78. Church league softball.
79. Watching Nate do a swinging bunt because the sun was in his eyes. =)
80. New computer charger. Even though it’s the 3rd one in 4 years, I’m still glad to have it.
81. Countdowns to weddings.
82. Month-late birthday presents. (Yes, more than one. Better late than never.)
83. Working from Starbucks.
84. A new church to get involved in.
85. A new town to take pictures of.
86. Nathaniel’s willingness to come visit so we can explore my new town together.
87. A new town to run in.
88. An invitation to accompany Kay to her first wedding dress fitting.
89. Bonding with my new roomie over the fact that we’re both bridesmaids in 3 weddings this summer.
90. An air conditioned public library.
91. Said library having a 50 cent book sale so I can inexpensively add to my summer reading list.
92. Cold showers.
93. The anticipation of running a race.
94. The commuter rail stop that’s a 4 minute walk from my apartment.
95. The familiarity of Camp Spofford.
96. Beautiful family members getting married.
97. Spending a whole day with the extended fam at said wedding.
98. The smell of burgers grilling on a warm summer night.
99. People who trust me to take their pictures.
100. Three beach days in one week.
101. Realizing that the next two weekends involve big reunions with lots of friends.
102. Clean/cold water to guzzle when it’s hot.
103. New pen to doodle with.
104. Carpooling.
105. Ice cubes.
106. Having the memory of moving Kay & Josh into their apartment.
107. Rebecca & Nick’s wedding.
108. Spofford style FMPS at N&R’s wedding.
109. Getting lost in downtown Boston and instead of panicking, taking cool pictures.
110. Sam & Abby’s wedding.
111. ‘Cuse reunion at Sam & Abby’s wedding.
112. Kay & Josh’s wedding.
113. Seeing my best (best best best) friends for two weekends in a row! <3
114. New (free) bike that mom found just for me.
115. New job at the photo studio.
116. Psalm 68:19 – great reminders from the Lord.
117. Getting ice cream with my new church friends, Sondra & Mario.
118. Blending in with Elevation Chapel’s worship team pretty well. =)
119. Ice cream shop 2 blocks from my house.
120. First newborn session – I’m already obsessed with them.
121. “New” in general.
122. Afternoon catching up with Mary Ann and seeing how awesome she is at selling ice cream.=)
123. Saturday nights.
124. Crisp apples.
125. Having to re-trust in the Lord each day. Because I can’t do it on my own.
126. Mario, Sondra, Daniel, Sandra, Sal, & Tina. Some of the most generous & hospitable people I’ve ever met.
127. Courage to stand up in front of church and tell them about my photography.
128. Singing on a worship team.
129. Sweatshirts.
130. Little babies.
131. Peppermint tea when I have a sore throat.
132. My parents and friends who came to support me in the half marathon.
133. Strength to finish a half marathon.
134. “They will run and not grow weary…” Isaiah 40:31.
135. Instant oatmeal when there’s nothing else healthy to eat.
136. A big, comfy couch to flop onto after a long day at work.
137. Special date nights with Nathaniel in the North End.
138. Fall weather & getting to spend time outside, just me and my camera.
139. Hot cocoa dates with Kay & Sarah : two of my best friends I hadn’t seen in the longest time.
140. The excitement inside me when I saw a Nutcracker Ballet advertisement in the train station.
141. Getting fancy and going to the Nutcracker. Only after…
142. The most attractive man on earth asked me to marry him! 12/28/11
143. The look on my families face the next day when we told them the news.
144. Inheriting the family orange spice tea recipe.
145. Spending a weekend away in NH at a winter cottage with Tanya & Kevin.
146. Re-learning how hard it is to snowboard.
147. Smiling munchkin babies who are now old enough to know how to smile back at me.
148. Mornings never cease to amaze me.
149. Game nights with church friends.
150. Triscuits and hummus.
151. Watching Nate have too much fun with the scanner at BB&B while making our registry.
152. Debating wedding colors.
153. The fact that Nate cares about wedding colors.
154. New design opportunity in Providence.
155. Keurig machine.
156. Satisfaction of knowing all my bridesmaids have their dresses and that they’re lovely.
157. Portable soup. Thanks Progresso.
158. 65 degrees in March!
159. Worship & learning more about the Lord for three nights in a row.
160. Encouragement to eat healthy from church members.
161. The one or two times a month I can use Nate’s car to drive to Providence. Cuts travel time in half.
162. God making us look at 5 crappy apartments before we found the perfect one.
163. Trustworthy landlords.
164. Roommates who understand & let me use the extra space in the living room for wedding-related crafts.
165. Laughing 6 month old babies. SO MUCH CUTE.
166. “Word of mouth” – best advertising out there.
167. 200 “fans” on the TWAY fb page.
168. Enough courage to even verbally commit to running a marathon within the next 3 years.
169. Successful completion of my 23rd year of life.
170. Looking back over the last year and being able to say I’ve come a long way.
171. My sister letting me have control over one little bridal shower detail: the invites. =)
172. Anticipation of shooting a close friend’s wedding!
173. Getting to slowly know people better and better.
174. The color blush pink – totally underrated.
175. Brightly colored toenail polish to make any foot picture that much sweeter.
176. Honesty.
177. “Quality Time” – a super important love language to both of us.
178. Rob & Mandy’s farm/hurricane wedding. All the love + craziness = memorable!
179. Road trips just the two of us, listening to Harry Potter.
180. Nate not minding to stop to get me coffee, and then an hour later for a bathroom break.
181. Quiet promises that our wedding day will be worth it.
182. Random patch of purple flowers growing at the end of our driveway.
183. Best friends texts of encouragement.
184. A whole church coming together in prayer for one member. And believing things will change for the better.
185. Searching and finding a sweet wardrobe for Nate.
186. Artwork on the walls make a house so much more of a home.
187. The most practical bridal shower gift: a window fan!
188. New Brandon Heath music.
189. The offer to work from home all the time, and not have to make the trek to Providence every week.
190. Friends getting creative with their wedding gifts!

4 Comments leave one →
  1. Imani permalink
    04/28/2011 11:27 am

    Still planning on doing this myself!
    Oh, and I love #43 ;)

  2. carrie permalink
    05/01/2011 6:00 pm

    i LOVED reading that list…isn’t it great to look at all the small things and see what God has been blessing you with :)

  3. 11/21/2011 1:01 pm

    love love love this! What a fantastic idea…I might have found my next 365 challenge :)

  4. Tia permalink
    12/07/2011 11:17 am

    Great, Steph, it was fun to read over your past many months. I’ve heard this referred to as a gratitude journal. Gratitude is the key to attitude adjustment, isn’t it? Flips everything around to +! Plus when you are looking for blessings to be grateful for, you are tuning your brain radio to GOD!!

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