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[mini sessions & future homes]


— If you’re interested in a fun and significantly discounted photo shoot with your family, T.W.A.Y is offering Autumn Mini Sessions this year! Short & sweet info is below or check out this blog post for the whole shebang.

— Regarding the knit hat & quilt – We have volunteers for each! Thanks so much, friends. I knew I could count on you.

— If you need some yummy food inspiration… go here: Desserts for Breakfast — I drool every time.

— The more Nathaniel & I watch HGTV the more we dislike our apartment. Not that it’s a BAD aartment, but there are definitely a few quirks we’d like to change. But we CAN’T because we rent! So I’ve put together a Pinterest board of what I’d like our someday-home to potentially look and feel like. I can’t use that site to plan a wedding anymore, so I guess it’s on to the next big thing??

— Speaking of future homes & HGTV, it’s so weird/unfair that the same amount of money that can buy a huge house in Utah (or somewhere random) will only buy a one car garage in New England. I don’t understand that.

Anyways, Happy Thursday!


Thought check.


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