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Guys, Nate doesn’t think I know how to grill. Like, WHO doesn’t know how to grill???? You throw some stuff on the meat (say a seasoning or marinade), then you lovingly place the meat on the already-heated-up grill, and then you WAIT. And then you eat dinner. And then you go to bed.

The reason? Photo shooting a one-year-old nugget baby! So pumped. I can’t even wait for all his little smiles and funny faces.

Not sure what happened to my hip, but it’s been real weird lately. Even after stretching and taking 2 days off from my intense (LOLjknot) #RunSeptember challenge, it’s still not feeling better. At least now I can walk, though. Tuesday even THAT was painful.

I actually can’t explain this one at all. Too many SECRETS. But just trust me. This month? IS FAB. And I just want to remember that. And potentially rub it in all the faces of people who aren’t in on our awesomeness…

I had to learn for the first time EVER how to make a Powerpoint presentation yesterday for work and it was not easy. I’d much rather use InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator than try to learn this weirdo program. UGH PPT. Who even ever abbreviates their program PPT?! Really guys.

Ignore the first part. I was feeling rude at the time. THE IMPORTANT PART IS Hunger Games is happening again! Ya’ll know I love me some Peeta. And rumor has it they’re starting to film the 2nd movie, so obviously I need to refresh my memory a bit.

Well that post was meaningful and full of substance.


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  1. 09/14/2012 2:33 pm

    it’s not a rumor! they are filming in atl! i’ve seen pictures of josh hutcherson aka peeta filming!!

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