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[i just really love music, k?]


I haven’t posted any musica in a LONG time. So here are some songs that have been on the playlist lately. And when I say lately I mean, like at least twice a day, maybe more.

So, funny story, Elise Hayes was a year above me in school in Keene! I remember her preforming at our high school talent show (called “Nostalgia”) and she was ALWAYS the best singer, honestly. It’s no surprise that she’s making amazing music now! Take a listen to this song, and then watch all her videos and then be her fan, k? Kgreat!

Brandon Heath probably wins the “longest time being my favorite artist” award (besides Backstreet Boys, duh), and he just released his new music video for his song “Jesus in Disguise”. And like usual, it’s really, really good. Great beats. Great lyrics. Great message. B.Heath, my man!

You might have seen this song by Matt Redman posted on my Twitter and FB pages already, and I’ve also noticed a whole bunch of friends talking about how powerful it’s been to them. I agree. I almost cried while singing it with worship team last week at church. It’s just… just listen, please.

And, because a new season of the Voice premiered last night, let’s just take a trip back to the first season when this girl probably should have won. Dia. Such an adorable human being.

Lecrae, the only artist in the genre of rap I can comfortably listen to, has just released his new album and it’s been on the TOP of the iTunes chart since last week. Like, WHAT! Rapping for Jesus, what a concept! This song is on of my faves on the new album. Bam!

Well… hope that was fun.

And that you actually listened to the songs and didn’t just scroll down to the bottom. Rude.


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  1. Tia permalink
    09/15/2012 6:51 pm

    Hey Steph,
    Loved listening to your Keene High person, Elise, Brandon Heath was great, as was Matt and Dia. 10,000 reasons sounded very familiar, and since I’m not on FB or twitter, I must have heard it elsewhere. Beautiful. Sorry, but didn’t listen to the rapper…at least this time around…
    Love the pics of your apt. as well….classy, yet homey and cozy. Those French doors are the best!
    Love you too (two) :-)

  2. 10/03/2012 8:06 pm

    Good taste :)

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