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[weekend at the lake]


I instagrammed our whole weekend at Pinesong, which is different from the way I usually document it. Usually I’m all like “NATURE! GRAB CAMERA AND TAKE ALL THE PRETTY PICTURES! YAY!” but this weekend I scaled back and just used my phone. And I enjoy the outcome a bunch.

Gramps almost went out in the kayak without a life vest, but I came to the rescue! =)

1/Center Harbor, the little town nearby. 2/Nate joined me in the hammock, reading the afternoon away.
3/Late night card games. 4/Hammock time, where I finished a whole book!
5/We skyped Megs who is already back at college. 6/The sparkly lake Kanasatka.
7/Gramps & Dad, grillin’. 8/Last morning, coffee & sitting near the big windows.

And that infamous Kanasatka sunset.

Hope everyone had a swing-in-the-hammock, grill-all-the-burgers, enjoy-all-the-sunsets kind of Labor Day weekend!


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  1. 09/17/2012 6:54 pm

    Great collage :)

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