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[canyons & wildfires]


One of our last days in Kaua’i we drove to the west side of the island to the Waimea Canyon. It’s said to be the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, so we HAD to take a peek! Well, it ended up being a day-long peek, up this crazzyyyy hilly 10 mile road into the middle of the sky, basically. So many gorgeous views, DUH.

That day, however, ended up being the one day that Kaua’i was experiencing a pretty big wildfire, which we had no idea about until we almost drove right into it. We came over a hill and all of a sudden there was tonnssss of smoke and I got a little freaked out, cuz fire isn’t the nicest thing ever, but we kept going to our destination. Wildfires aren’t normal on Kaua’i, but this year has been super dry :(

We stopped off at almost all the little lookout areas, just to.. well, look! There was so much to see.

Because of the spreading fire and consequent smoke, the canyon was actually really hazy. From what locals told us, we weren’t getting the full experience. So we were a little sad, but what we did see was still really cool!

And when I say local, I mean that guy. He was pretty cool to talk to. Oh, and guess where he lived. DOWN IN THE CANYON. He can’t get there by car, only a bike. So he’s a pretty epic old dude, right??

At the main lookout, you could definitely tell there were so many reds and greens and yellows in the canyon, but like I said and from what you can see here, our views were a little muted that day.

Then at the tippityTOP of the 10 mile mountain road climb, we were greeted by the clouds. And an artist.

And some goats.

Oh, remember that winding road I mentioned? THIS is it. For 10 miles!

We drove down the mountain and stopped to get a closer look of the fire.

And to jump some rivers. Also: note the redredredRED dirt. I never knew dirt could be so vibrant! Kinda matches Nate’s hair…

And because we were FAMISHED from looking so hard at nice views, we refueled with some ice cream. Which is said to be the best on the island, probably because they mainly only have shaved ice shops and not very many REAL ice cream shops. No, but it was actually really good.

Not sure, but there might be ooooone more honeymoon post before we resume our regular un-regular posting schedule. K? K!


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