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[kayaks & waterfalls]


This was Nate’s favorite activity of the whole vacay. One day mid-week, bright and early, we packed up some snacks and threw on our bathing suits and kayaked 2 miles down the Wailua River, all the way to a waterfall! Our tour guide was super interesting and almost the entire time we were kayaking, we asked her all about her life in Kaua’i, which she happily talked about. On top of a few kayak tours a week, she’s an art teacher at a charter school and a wife to a coconut farmer. All the while being a native Indiana-ite!

Nate and I rode in a tandem kayak, also called (by our our guide) ‘the divorce boat’. But Nate sat in the back seat and was the steer-er and totally rocked it. So, we’re still married! Thank the Lord.

Look at my macho man with the farmer’s tan. =) The hike to the waterfall was one mile through woods, branches, tight little pathways, and lots of green stuff the locals call “plants”. ;)

Eeeeeee as soon as we got to the waterfall we ate lunch and then dipped into the small little pool beneath it. It was COLD! And beautiful. And this is mushy, but guys, we kissed under the waterfall. So that was basically perfect. =)

I had to make sure I looked good before Nate took a picture. But Nate took a picture anyways. I like it, mostly, but whatever, the best part was I was standing under a waterfall. WOAH.

And Mr. Mister was TOO.

And then we both recommended to all my blog readers that you go kayak in Kaua’i. OK GREAT. Have fun! Send me a postcard!


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  1. 09/10/2012 1:54 pm

    So beautiful :D

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