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[luaus & leis]


One night on our honeymoon we experienced the Kalamaku Luau at the Kilohana Estate. I’d been to a Hawaiian luau once before (when my family vacationed to Oahu in 2007), but this one was way different. The first one I went to was a collections of a ton of cool dances, but this one was more like a play; it had a story and a plot and characters. Super fun to watch.

The “venue” I guess you’d call is was a HUGE mostly-outdoor building that let in lots of great light and had tiki torches everywhere. Duh. We were at a luau.

I called it a venue up there ^  because as soon as we walked in I voiced my opinion on how it would be a great wedding reception venue. Huuuuge and great. I mean, the tables look like they’d be at a wedding reception, right? Or am I still in wedding-mode?

They even had table numbers and centerpieces!

A group of kids were making Ti leaf bracelets for free, but were asking for donations to their youth group missions trip fund. I’ve totally been there, asking for donations for a missions trip, so obviouslyyyyyy we helped them out! And I wore my bracelet for the whole night!

The minute we walked into the luau, shell leis were places over our heads. I felt like part of the cool kids club. Honestly. And the MisterMister forgot to pack his Hawaiian shirt so he went all non-traditional wearing stripes.

Oh crap, I wore stripes too. We basically both wore stripes the whole week. No bigs. Also, I clearly asked Nate NOT to get my drink in the next picture, but he’s still a newb when it comes to composing shots. So I forgave him. (If anyone is wondering, the drink was a Beach Bum and I don’t remember what was in it. I think it was passionfruit-y.)

One of my faves of us the whole trip. MARRIED. And SO Hawaiian.

The show was really great and the costumes/outfits were intense. I was jealous of all their pretty hair flowers.

Conch shell.

Dude this guy played with and ate fire. No messin’ with him.

And lastly, the dude I had a minor crush on. Don’t worry, Nate knew about it. I told him he could pick a girl to have a crush, too, but I don’t think he did. =)

Anywaysysysysyssssss still so many more pictures to come, chaps. Kayaking and canyons and beach days! I swear, we’re almost done!


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  1. 09/10/2012 1:34 pm

    Wow those are great photos. My hubby and I went to hawaii for our honeymoon too :) Brought back great memories :D

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