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[wedding morning]


GUYS. So you know how all during the wedding planning process I didn’t really want to talk about it? WELL NOW THAT’S ALL I WANT TO TALK ABOUT. So bear with me.

The morning of our wedding I woke up at the crack of dawn. And then promptly gathered all three of our rings and did a 5 minute photo shoot with them. And then ate 2 chocolate chip scones for breakfast. And then went back to sleep for an hour. Baha.

Rebecca might hate me for posting this picture, but probably not, and that’s what best friends are for. Like a regular bride & her bridesmaids, we all got our hair done at a salon and Rebecca brought the fixings for mimosas and it was fun. Oh, and we ate a lot of grapes. That was fun, too. That was also the last time I ate until the reception. I was basically starving the whole ceremony haha! Tips for future brides: EAT!

Bests since we were 15.

OMG ALYSE. Our superstar-awesomesauce-hilariously amazing photographer! (And my really good friend from college!) I hadn’t seen her since two years ago.. at HER wedding! So good to see her and have her capture our day. Like… I’m dying to see the pics!

I got my girls really cheesy gifts. All matching striped tank tops (like mine above, but all different colors). I mean, it’s the thought that counts, right? These boxes were probably cooler than the actual gift inside hahaha.

My favorite Lisa gave this hanger to me as a wedding gift! I love it! Made the dress pics way more personalized!

Sissy took this picture. Really cool lamp, huh? No, really.

Mom looked so pretty in her royally-blue-but-she-thought-it-was-purple-at-first dress! Funny story: My Aunt Judi (Mom’s sister) was wearing a very similar dress in the same color. And they already look like twins enough! Musta been sister-intuition.

Before the ceremony my girls and I hung out in this super rustic cabin near the beach (where the ceremony was going to take place). It had big porch windows so I totally creeped on all the guests as they arrived. (Look! Tia and Malik are here! Aww and there’s Amy and Chris! Oh YAY! Steph and Lisa!) I was so excited to see everyone, I just wish I could have been out there chatting with you all!

Sissy took this. LIKE REALLY?! Great pic, Megs! (She also took the 2 after that. So proud.)

This couple…. THE Sondra and Mario. My first friends when I moved to Boston. They sang a beauuuuuutiful song during the ceremony that made me cry even more than I was already crying. Thank you, friends, for being willing to sing, and for being so talented! (Meg took this pic while they were practicing.)

And all the ceremony pictures from my camera were taken by the lovely AMY MARIE! Thank you! I also loved the selfies you and Chris took =)

Ok chaps, ceremony pics are coming soon! Maybe today, or maybe I’ll keep you hanging…


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  1. AWalker permalink
    08/23/2012 11:29 am

    Glad you loved the pics. I know a few were dark but that’s why I took LOTS! Hahaha

  2. 08/23/2012 2:53 pm

    AYAYA! I cannot wait for Alyse’s pics to come out. These are great though! I like the one I took of you sitting with your arms stretched out, I also LOVE the one of your flowers and feet. YIPPIE! SRK is still weird to hear though… love ya

  3. 08/27/2012 2:23 pm

    Awww so amazing :) You look so beautiful!

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