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[our wedding ceremony]


(All pics by my awesome friend Amy with my camera!)

These are pictures of the sweetest 28 minutes of my life. Nate & I, up in front of all our friends and family, laughing, crying, singing, and finally being married. Parts of it were such a blur, but other specific moments are so engraved into my brain it’s like I could write a whole book about them.

One of my very favorite views (and one I’ll never forget) was walking down the short little isle towards my future husband who could not for the life of him keep his tears inside his eyes. I’ve only ever seen him cry three times, and once had been earlier that afternoon at our first look. So seeing him cry while I walked toward him (the whole time staring him straight in the eyes saying “it’s okay, babe!”) had my heart beating so fast! I couldn’t believe it was actually happening!

Right as my dad hugged me and “handed me off” to Nate, a silly boater sped by and very loudly “wahooed!” and in my head I was all like really people?! You just interrupted a special moment!! But then I got over it and obviously it was still really special. My dad did a great job of keeping it mostly together while he gave me away!

So I don’t even know the name of this lake… but it made a really nice back ground!

Nate & I wrote each other letters, and oh boy, that was a whole other cry-fest in itself. Neither of us knew what the other person was going to say, so each letter was a complete surprise and definitely the best part of the whole ceremony for me. I just tried to soak up all the things Nate was saying. We were both in our own little world (a world full of happy tears) and I kind of forgot there were tons of people listening. Andddddd I’m pretty sure my plan to make ALL of our guests cry worked. =)

(That’s how I stand when I’m overly happy/emotional…)

This was right after I put Nate’s ring on. His hand was kinda… sweaty? swollen? i don’t know, but the ring was harder to get on than I thought it would be. So after like 20 seconds of strugglin’ it finally slid on, and in my head I was like “ahh, finally”… But I totally missed that our pastor had said something for me to repeat, so I just stood there all confident until, I think, Nate nudged me and I was like “OH!” bahaha. And then I said whatever I was supposed to say. And then everyone laughed at with me… =)


Also part of the ceremony was: a sermon on Ephesians 4:2 (our favorite verse), communion while our friends Sondra & Mario sang a gorgeous song (a I softly sang along right into Nate’s ear), a lot more crying, and way too many boats floatin’ by in the background.

And then we stole away into the small rustic cabin I hung out in before the ceremony and hugged each other for like probably 7 straight minutes, and then we had an awesome rest of the day (understatement) and now we are married forever. YAY.

And then came the reception pictures? Maybe a few.


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  1. AWalker permalink
    08/23/2012 4:23 pm

    Awesome! Glad te pics came out great. And yay for crying during the ceremony. It was b-e-a utiful. Oh, ad I hope you saw the pic I took of te man behind you on te kayak- with his tshirt on his head. Hahahahahahahhaha

  2. 08/29/2012 2:05 pm

    You guys look incredible! What an amazing day :) Thank you so much for sharing!

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