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[23 going on 9]


Sometimes I get an idea in my head and just absolutely NEED to go through with it. Like when I decide I need a haircut; if I don’t go immediately, it’s the next day. Or when I have to run, I have to run.

That’s also what happened when I thought Nathaniel would enjoy a surprise birthday party. See, he was in on a surprise for MY birthday two months ago that my whole family was planning. So I thought it would be fun to plan something with his family, to make his birthday just as fun.

That’s where the Avengers came in.

This party would not only be a surprise, it would be Avengers-themed. Why? Because Nate likes all those superhero movies, and honestly, who doesn’t like a good ol’ themed birthday party? Plates, cups, napkins… window decals… Homemade t-shirts with all their symbols…. “Pin the shorts on the Hulk”…. Captain America cake… And movie… And card…  I mean, no big deal. =)

Pretty legit, right? Yeah. It was a gooooood party. Lots of thanks to Jesse for cleverly keeping Nate out of the house ’til 3 so we could set up!

Happy Birthday, my lovely. Now you won’t be younger than me when we get married in TWO WEEKS. Bam. Favorite.


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  1. 08/03/2012 3:51 pm

    HAHAHA Best birthday party ever!!! Love these :D

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