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[apartment snippets]


Right now Nate and I are in limbo. Yes, I immediately think of Inception when I hear that word, but that’s really the only way I can describe it. I’m all moved in to our new apartment, but he hasn’t moved in yet, and he won’t until after we’re married. Of course, he’s spends a lot of time here, so it’s not so lonely for me (yay!), but it’s obviously not the same. Should I grocery shop for me this week? Or me AND you? Where are you this day, and can I borrow the car? You have a key, right? Ok, phew.

After having two bridal showers in the last two months, we’ve acquired a lot of gorgeous new things that have no “real” homes yet. We live in a really old house that was kinda of badly split into two apartments. Therefor, our kitchen was literally built into an old closet, so there’s approximately 5 cupboards and 2 feet of counter space (which the microwave takes up completely). There’s a small linen closet/pantry, but it’s not big enough to be both. Nate has a wardrobe, but no dresser. I, on the other hand, have a closet and a dresser, but have been too lazy to actually unpack my clothes (mind you I’ve been “moved in” for 3 weeks). Our “couch” is made from two lime green camping chairs, and our collection of lamps and furniture we DO have is, let’s say, eclectic. Craigslist was gracious enough to give us a dining room set, my parents basically used us as a yard sale, and most of our new treasures are currently sitting on the dining room floor until we can finish painting the island/extra counter/drawer combo we bought from the unfinished wood store. Oh, and my night stand is our unopened Crockpot box. Yes, we’re still on the lookout for a lot of things, and it will take a while to find them.

But I’m not saying all this to complain. I’m actually more just recording this stage of our engagement so we can remember how mismatched and crazy our lives currently are. There’s food in the fridge and a porch we can relax on. There’s a TV in the living room, with cable, and internet, and a stereo system I can blast Glee music on all day, if I want. There’s a coffee machine to wake me up, and running routes wherever I turn. There are so many things I can be happy about, way more than the unfinished things that look really silly right now.

This stage of life is crazy, a lot of the time frustrating, and a little bit unknown. But what I DO know is in 3 weeks, when Nathaniel and I are finallyyyy married (!), we can start to settle in a little more and enjoy turning this mismatched apartment into slightly less mismatched home.

And I’m so stinkin’ excited.


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  1. Tia permalink
    07/24/2012 3:56 pm

    what else are you looking for?? We have a variety of things but not for much longer. Do you need a small table? Or let us know and we’ll tell you if we have anything that might fit the bill!

  2. 07/29/2012 4:53 pm

    Very cozy pictures :)

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