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[Brimfield 2.0]


Our 2nd annual trip the the Brimfield Fair was this past Sunday. We were on a mission for furniture for our new apartment. Night stands, a corner hutch for the dining room, and a wardrobe for Nate. But Nate seriously considered also buying this massive N the moment he realized it could potentially light up.

We bought a Z. Because starting our 3D letter collection from the end of the alphabet just seemed to make sense.



A whole buncha RUST. Do people buy this stuff? Old key holes and doorknobs? Well, I mean, if there are people like me who buy rusty 3D letters, I guess there are people who buy old doorknobs.

Look at that smirk. He’s so exited about his new wardrobe. (Our apartment only has ONE closet, and guess who got first dibs? Yep. Me.) But honestly, guys, this thing was a STEAL. Nate use his bargaining skillz. I love it and it isn’t even mine. NATE YOU CAN HAVE THE CLOSET.

Nate also bought me a $2.00 ring and it broke before we even got home… nothing a little super glue can’t fix. =)

3.0 comes the first week of September… And. I. Can’t. Wait.


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  1. 07/23/2012 1:34 pm

    Ooo these are awesome pictures :D

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