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[wicked catch up] last few weekends.


Sorry I’m not sorry for not blogging for the last, like, EVER amount of days. I know I should probably be posting a red, white and blue something, seeing as this day is pretty special, but let’s be honest, this bloggity needs a WHOLE bit of updating, so that’s on the agenda instead. Happy 4th anyway!

Catching up::: Two weekends ago I public-transportationed down to the Jerz w/ my besties for a bachelorette weekend (mine!). DUH. So great. ALL DAY AT THE BEACH + FRIENDS = PERFECT. The only questionable part was the list of “things you have to do before you get married” they conjured up for me, but we won’t talk about that. Summing it up: the weekend was AWESOME and that’s ALL you strangers need to know about.

This past weekend I stole Nate’s car and drove 5 hours there and back to the Cuse to shoot a wedding. It’s always a good weekend when you watch two people in love get married forEVER, and also seeing a bunch of old friends (including KatieEbs at her work! eee! love that girl), and also hanging out with the Bartlos on their back porch watching fireflies at dusk.

(obvs more pics coming on the bizblog soon from the pretty wedding. oh, didn’t i tell you? i instagrammed the WHOLE thing. that’s it. no real pictures. [JUST KIDDING strangers. i would never do that, duh.] )


Oh yes, there’s this one other thing: I moved. And now I am (well, WE are) about to start an adventure in what my landlord (who has run the Boston marathon 43 times) calls the “best running town in America”. So, Wellesley and I are CLEARLY gonna be friends.

So that’s the messy living room, with HUGE french doors. And that’s the cupboard that’s completely taken over by my tea collection. And that’s the only pice of artwork hanging up so far. And that’s the new porch, complete with already pretty wildflowers that I don’t need to take care of on a daily basis. Oh and get this, Starbucks is a five second walk around the corner and also? 3 different running routes that include some body of water (lake or creek) (I love water) (especially running near it) And also? We have no kitchen drawers, so that’s a bit of a situation, but we’ll figure something out. And also? It’s OURS. And in approximately 39 days we’ll both be living there and it will be basically AWESOME. K, that’s all.

Summary: Best friends, weddings, apartments, real life-ing-it-up.



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  1. Cassandra permalink
    07/04/2012 10:31 am

    Wellesley is a LOVELY place. Be sure to check out Elm Bank and Lake Waban! Excellent walking/running areas!

  2. 07/05/2012 1:42 pm

    Awww very cozy and relaxing and beautiful :)

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