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This video. Stumbled upon it while looking for Jesus Culture music to listen to. Something frustratingly annoying happened to me today and I needed to listen to worship and just chill out for a bit. (singing to Jesus chills me out. like. every time. as it should).

Anyways, I came across this video on the sidebar of youtube and I don’t know why I clicked on it, but I’m glad I did. It’s 40 minute long chat directed towards worship leaders (so basically: not me). BUT. I’ve watched it twice. I had to, to get it all in my brainz. There are just a lot of things that this lady talks about, mentions, brings up that I clearly needed to hear (God has a way of doing that).

Her personality is so real and the way she explains things makes sense to me. The way she describes the 3 parts of the holy trinity makes sense. The way she explains her vision of God holding a mirror to reflect our worship of Him back to us makes sense. The way she talks about representing Jesus in our lives makes sense to me. The way she illustrates how certain times in life require certain friends who can help us out makes sense. And lastly, the part when she talks about what we are “leaking” or vibe are we giving off in our lives, and is it pleasing and pointing to God? It makes sense.

Why it makes sense in this way RIGHT NOW, I’m not sure. I’ve probably heard it all before. But you know, there are just some times when I have to hear it again…. but in a DIFFERENT way. That was this way.

So. If you have 40 minutes, take a watch. But only if you feel like you need to.


P.S. I was originally going to post pictures from the last week-ish. But. This was more important. So. … That’s that.

Oh, but there is this:

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