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[get up & go] FINALE


So, friends. Clearly I forgot to post the last installment of Get up and Go last Sunday. I was too busy posting pretty pictures. Which is cute. But now we need to get down to business. And you had an extra week to do just that.

Let’s recap.

The point of this Get up & Go project was to:

A) Be accountable.
B) Turn your health/fitness goals into a way of life.

Were we successful? I don’t know. Were you? Did you stick to what you said you were going to do?

Two of my goals from the last 10 weeks that have definitely been engrained into my daily lifestyle (hey, two is better than none):

Drinking tons of water. I still drink tea, coffee, the occasional glass of orange juice, but WATER. Man, water is a staple. I used to drink a cup or two a day, but now I really drink upwards of 3 Nalgenes full (around 96 ounces or something like that). Water is SO important. It helps digestion, complexion, overall yay-being.

Making sure that at least 80 percent of my diet is REAL food. The kind that comes from the ground, or trees, or animals. Not from a factory. It’s hard to eat like this because the majority of restaurants, cafes, ect have very little choices that DON’T include bread, rice, pasta, creamy sauces, ect. It’s like… weird. Just weird. You know, to ask for salad without the crumbled cheese or a hamburger without the bun or chicken with no fancy sauce on top and a side of broccoli instead of fries. It’s weird. Because people assume you’re on a strict diet and then you’re just like “No. I’m just making sure what I put into my body is there for a reason and will help me function, and not make me sick.”

Don’t get me wrong. I am not the all-mighty perfect healthy eater, NO. I am not. Eating only the ‘good’ things will always be a struggle for me. I want to eat cupcakes for breakfast every day (I had two for lunch on my birthday baha.) But A) I don’t like baking (praise the Lord, because if I did this would be a situation) and B) they’re are wayyyy better options and luckily I know that. But some days, you know, THOSE days, I eat chocolate. I drink a chai latte. I eat some tortilla chips with my hummus instead of carrots. I steal Nate’s fries. There’s just those days. And then I usually feel bad I did it. And then I run a little longer. And then it all balances it out. (at least thats what i tell myself).

ANYWAYS. That’s about all I have to say. What do YOU have to say? What did you learn? CHAPS. those of you who participated in this challenge by commenting every week, please email me your mailing address and a little recap about the last 10 weeks of your life, and i’m going to send you a congrats! : twayphoto [at] gmail [dot] com.


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