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[my first Fenway experience]


I’ve lived in New England with a Red Sox-lovin’ dude as my dad for my WHOLE life, yet before this past Saturday I’d never been to Fenway. So… WE WENT. I won’t talk about the annoying things because then I’ll remember them. And I only want to remember the good things. Which is why I only took pictures of the good things. And here are those pictures.

Pic of a pic. +bokeh makes it cooler.

Us… looking gorgeous as usual… =) My man was lookin’ ready in his Red Sox shirt. I was so totally not ready. But dark gray is, like, almost navy blue, so I guess that mostly counts.

Binocular reflections. Nate was being all serious and watching the game. Which was actually just the players warming up. Which you really don’t need to be a serious watcher for.

Stray/play ball.

Parentals… looking crazy as usual. I mean, THANKS FOR THE TICKETS GUYS!

Love the sillos of all the fans standing underneath the old Coke sign. +the sunset makes it cooler.

This next one reminds me of an older era of baseball. Like, Angles in the Outfield, or Field of Dreams, or, The Sandlot. Or “insert any other old-timey baseball movie here”.. yeah, that’s what this reminds me of.

All in all, the experience was good. Not as good as I had envisioned (apparently Fenway – in my mind – was supposed to be this all mighty baseball-park-of-awesomeness with die-hard Sandlot-y type fans being nice to each other and always having a good view of the game). But I was hanging out with people who generally make me smile and always buy me ice cream, so it was all good. GOOD. IT WAS GOOD.



P.S. The Sox won, but only AFTER we’d left the game 4 minutes early to beat the rush to the T. SO. We missed the only action. Which was fine. I guess. Not really. But it was good.

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  1. 05/31/2012 2:03 am

    WOW! Really fun shots! You did such a great job being all creative and changing it up, I really love these :)

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