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[things & stuff] May 23, 2012


Things I have cried about in the last 24 hours:
– Finn & Rachel not getting married.
– Nate wouldn’t buy me a cupcake covered with chocolate chips. In his defense, it was 9 dollars. Also, this was just a dream I had last night.

Things (movies) that I crave on an at-least-once-a-year basis:
– Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.
– Fever Pitch.
– What a Girl Wants (I’m well on my way to knowing every line of that movie). Also note, I’ve recently mentioned this in a past episode of Things & Stuff.

Things that often happen that I know shouldn’t:
– Consuming large iced coffees before my 40 minute commute into Boston.
– Walking into paper product stores while I have my wallet with me.
– Going grocery shopping on an empty stomach.

Things that should happen every day of summer/life:
Kevin McHale sings that catchy One Direction song to me every morning.
– Farmer’s market dates with Sis.
– Home-made lemonade/green tea/iced coffee.

Things I’m most looking forward to in the next 2 weeks:
– My first ever Red Sox game at Fenway!
– Memorial Day with the fam at my aunt’s new house.


That is all.

Happy day, chaps.
P.s. Linking Up!

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  1. 05/24/2012 3:59 pm

    CUTE! i love the kitty :D

  2. 05/25/2012 10:35 am

    wait?? Is that the glee episode where quin got injured or is that one i havent seen???? :) You stopped by my blog and I wanted to say thanks. I also wanted to email you to answer your questions….should I just answer them here?? Guess I will cause I really wanna give you the answers haha….

    shutterfly has amazing service. They have this new feature that allows you to personalize your photo book more. (I really know about this cause I look at the one I just made and compare it to the one I made a few years ago and the older one looks soooo bare and ugly.

    the 50% coupon, they emailed it to me. If you’re a member they email special promotions every once in a while. They just sent me a 40% coupon I’m not gonna use, if you’d like it, I can email you the code.

    you can email me here at

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