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[flashback] barcelona, my love.


I had a dream about Barcelona two nights ago. Well, it was more like a nightmare. Why? Because in my dream I was in Barcelona, but could only visit ONE of my 4 favorite places. My little church (that was right in the neighborhood we lived in), Park Guell (which was my favorite “touristy” spot) the beach near our apartment, or our favorite little cafe.

I woke up in a panic. Because if I were to ever visit Barcelona again, I would surely make a point to visit every single on of these places for an extended amount of time and soak in all of their goodness. They aren’t particularly magnificent places to most people, but they hold a lot of memories for me.

It’s crazy to me just how much I miss this city sometimes.


This was the view from our apartment. A soccer field, where every night and every Saturday morning there would be soccer games. It was the coolest.

The view from the highest point of Park Guell. A 360 degree view of the entire city. Seriously beautiful.

The boardwalk and beach near our apartment. I’d go there and sketch and doodle and talk to strangers. One time I sat in on a jam session with 4 teens who didn’t speak English at all. Which was fun because I don’t speak Spanish.

El Sortidor. The cafe around the corner form our studio where, I kid you not, we bought croissants and lattes every single morning we had class. The baristas knew our orders by heart.


For the original posts I posted during my trip to Barca (which happened THREE years ago) click thru to my old blog. =)


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