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[wedding snippets]


Here’s a quick snap at some little things that may or may not show up at our wedding:

If you’ve been wondering why I’ve been a little hush-hush for the last, oh, four months about wedding plans and details, well, you’re not alone. But I do have reasons:

A) One reason is because I didn’t want to be that girl who turned her blog into a completely over-weddingized piece of the internet. We all know too many of those already exist.

B) A big reason is because I have this vision of the wedding decor being a big surprise for the guests. If I prematurely posted lots of details on the blog, that surprise moment wouldn’t happen because a lot of family members and friends read this thing.

C) And lastly is because for a super long time we didn’t even KNOW what our wedding was going to be/look/feel like, so obviously it’s kind of hard to post about it if it’s nonexistent.

But here are a few snippets of what we do know =)

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