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One thing about myself that I’m actually fairly proud of is my consistency at documenting my life, whether in pictures or in writing. I have journals upon journals of life stories, starting way back in 5th grade. Because of my journal-writing history, blogging was immediately easy for me. Blogs are just digital journals, yes?

Sometimes (/very rarely) I clean my room and happen upon snippets of my sixteen year old self, things like my beloved scrapbooking journals. It’s amazing to see how hobbies/interest I had when I was 16 have totally stuck with me today. And especially how even back then (sophomore year of high school) it was SO clear that I’d be in the design world when “I grew up” (even though I had no idea at the time).

It’s also AMAZING how clearly my writing takes me back to that exact space I was writing it in. Sometimes I add notes like “kitchen table, and it’s sunny outside” or “picnic table near the chapel”. Other times there’s no reference, but I just remember. There is one post that I wrote on my 18th birthday, and I can remember which computer in the high school library I was typing it on. Honestly! Weirdest thing.

Anyways. The scrapbooking journal phase spanned from 16 years old to the end of my freshman year of college. So, about three years. I’m super glad I spent so much time making these memory-filled books because now when I look at them, I literally remember exactly who I was, and how I got to where I am now.

I wanted to share some cool/funny/creative parts of the first scrapbook journal (there were two). I’ll make some comments along the way.


I don’t know why I chose 14 things. That number was never significant to me, haha. Anyways, out of these 14 I still actively love numbers 1, 4, 7, 8, 11. Oh, and 12, but I can’t wear them anymore because they’re filled with holes. Oh, and 13, that will always be the best summer. And 14 is still the only letter with more than one syllable, so I guess I love that too. (the words to the left is a wakeboarding dictionary. in my youth, i used to do cool things like wakeboard.)

I documented every 5-way phone call RAKSS ever had. Oh the days before Skype…

Woah! I used to doodle in french! I don’t remember what any of this means. Probably a buncha nonsense.

Note this: I took (and passed!) chemistry. Betchya didn’t know that. Also note: the first line of the entry. BAHA. See? So detailed. I even remember what sweater that was. It was black with turquoise stripes on the wrists. Ew.

I just love how 16 year old me used to write notes to Jesus. Gotta start that up again.

This was (and probably deep down will always be) my favorite Bible verse.

Best day of my senior year of high school career:

Who were you when you were 16? Do you still have similar interests & dreams? Isn’t it funny to think about?


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  1. 05/17/2012 10:52 pm

    I use to keep scrapbooks… I have changed alot since I was 16… the one thing I can say hasn’t changed is my love and desire to follow the Lord.

  2. 05/19/2012 1:23 pm

    Very fun and creative :)

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