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[get up & go] week 8.


Food. Food is either my best friend or, well, NOT. Mostly not. Mostly I want to eat all the things. But since starting this Paleo/clean eating thing (like 5 weeks ago) I actually HAVEN’T wanted to eat everything. I eat real foods: Veggies, meat, fruits, nuts.. and I feel really good about it. I do “splurge”, as I call it, to keep myself sane, but only on a very limited amount of things, (things that I think are absolutely worth it): dark chocolate, chai lattes, & ice cream. This week, though, had me goin’ for a cannoli that my man so lovingly brought home for me. I couldn’t let him eat TWO by himself! I was doing a good deed by eating the second one. And then that lovely old friend called the Green Tea Frappe. It was half-off day at the buck-of-Stars and I wanted myself a fun summery drink. But… now it’s back to being wholesome and healthy. =)

Healthy noms I eat on a regular basis: ALMONDS. they are my life support. i bring a little bag with me every where I go just in case I get hungry which i also do). and recently in the mornings I’ve been making fruit smoothies: complete with oranges, bananas, strawberries, blackberries + a little cranberry juice. It’s basically perfection. What are some of your faaaaavoritest healthy things?

Last week’s goal was to be balanced: in food, working out, ect. I did a pretty good job. I think it’s something I still need to work on, but it’s getting better. I ran 15 miles total and did 1 day of strength (jillian michaels 30 day shred) – and I ate the most healthiest things, but ‘splurged’ when I thought the time called for it (as mentioned above). SO. that is good.

This week’s main goal: 20 push ups every morning. (Nate is also doing this. keeping him accountable thru this post baha). Also, more water, less coffee. Also, Happy thoughts.

What are your goals? you know what to do! write em down, comment on this post, then DO THEM!

Do it up!


P.S. Happy Mother’s Day to all those moms who read this blog!

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  1. 05/14/2012 12:34 pm

    Makes me want a Starbucks lol

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