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[things & stuff] Reminiscing Edition.


Note: In the following minutes, I will talk a lot about myself. If you aren’t that into me, I suggest closing your browser immediately.



things i miss on a regular basis:
– Camp Spofford (i had a dream about it last night. the chapel had a hotel over it. and I couldn’t find the snack shop!)
– my running routes in Syracuse
– Warehouse, 3rd floor (stop it. i’m crazy)
– Dunkin Donuts blueberry muffins

things about my childhood that now make me laugh:
– for Christmas when I was 12 I asked for a basketball hoop and then used it maybe a total of nine times.
– my friend Ashleigh and I got into a fight while were pretending to be a penguins, but we stayed in character as we were fighting. bahaha
– the one time i was sitting in the tire swing and the branch broke.

things that we all agree should make their way back into my life immediately: 
Polly Pockets
– the girls of Lancaster 965
Sailor Moon marathons

things that make me sad because i haven’t done them in over a year:
– eaten my mom’s eggplant parm.
– hung out with Lisa and Steph at the same time
– watched What a Girl Wants 
– had a dance party to Zac Brown Band

things that bring me back to a time & a place:
– the smell of fresh cut grass always brings me back to my Grandpa’s lake house in Vermont. he’d sit on his mower and mow the field across the street, and as soon as he was done we’d run out to the swing set and spend the rest of the day playing.
– the song “Leave the Pieces” by the Wreckers always brings me back to my senior year of high school, driving down West St. on my way home from school, with the windows down, blasting, singing, enjoying.
– if I’m in a city and it doesn’t smell particularly good, I feel like I’m in Barcelona. And I mean that in the most lovingly of ways, honestly. I miss that city so much.
– other things, but I can’t think right now.


As you can see, I’m excellent at reminiscing. EXCELLENT (I just like that word). But… sometimes I wonder if I’m missing/living in the past too much to enjoy the present? I have very real moments when I have to tell myself “Stephanie. Enjoy this moment. It will be a memory someday.” It’s tough. I just get attached to things/places/moments/people too easily. Ugh. Barcelona is a prime example.

ANYWAYS, tell me a favorite memory of yours!

Happy.. what day is it?

Right. Wednesday!


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7 Comments leave one →
  1. sarajweber permalink
    05/02/2012 9:16 am

    Hmm. I remember my time working at camp last summer. I’m nervous and excited for it to begin again!

  2. 05/03/2012 11:10 am

    I used to love Polly Pockets! Also, the penguin fight made me laugh :)

  3. Alison permalink
    05/03/2012 3:01 pm

    Love Zac Brown Band, and dance parties are legit!

  4. 05/03/2012 5:34 pm

    I do that often as well. Reminiscing is fun, but I do find myself forgetting about “here and now”

  5. 05/03/2012 8:46 pm

    mmm the wreckers. love your style. as for a memory, how about the time i used to go to all-nighters with the quiz team in middle school using serious powertools to make woodcrafts which we sold at fundraisers to donate money to missionaries. it was hilarious…guess you had to be there :)

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