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[DIY Engagement Pics]


Our wedding photographers are freakin’ awesome, but don’t live anywhere near us! (They’re making a trek to the east coast ‘specially for our wedding, thanks guys, can’t waaaaaaiiiit!)

Saturday Nate & I decided we should take our own engagement pictures… down a random street, near a random wall, in a random field. It’s amazing what you can do with a tripod, self-timer, & lots of patience & lovin’.

I hate when he picks me up like this, because he always does it by surprise. This was no exception haha. Makes for a cute pic, I guess =)

Over an hour of taking pictures produced mayyybe 10 good ones. But 10 is better than none. And I love them. And him.

Haaaaapppyy Monday! (AND last day of April. What the crap?!)


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  1. 04/30/2012 9:30 pm

    Oh my gosh you two are adorable! i love these and congrats :D

  2. sarajweber permalink
    04/30/2012 10:52 pm

    These are SOOO cute!

  3. Kat permalink
    05/01/2012 12:00 am

    you both look so great together!! i love the pictures! they are adorable!!

  4. 05/02/2012 8:22 am

    Kevin would have done it if you guys had wanted!

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