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[get up & go] Week 6.


Oh my GOSH! It’s 4:30 on Sunday and I’ve yet to post week SIX of the get up & go challenge. My bad. I’ve been gallivanting around Boston with high school friends for most of the day (hey ladies! (they get a shout out because they all confessed they read this blog a lot =) ).

So anyways.. How goes the getting up & going-ness? Is anyone still even doing this thing? I AM! Sometimes I feel like it’s just me myself and I… Soo…

This past week’s goal was to run 20 miles. Did I? Yup. Yaaaaay, I didn’t fail baha. Proof:

(DailyMile rounds up, so it was really 3.8, 3.8, 3.8, 4.5, and 4.1 – so basically 20)

Anyways, guess what I did for 3 hours today? YOGA. My friend Erin teaches at a studio in Boston, so I went to her class (actually, two, in a row) and did three intense, muscle-moving, mega-stretching hours of yoga. It was great. I feel so tall. Is that weird? That I feel taller after I do yoga? On top of 20 more miles, my goal this week is to try yoga on my own to keep up the uber-flexible feeling that is so lovely. I’ve also heard yoga is super good for running. Win win!

Speaking of running… I need new music. Anyone know of any good beatz?? OO I have one… Have you heard this song?! I bet you haaaaaave *rolls window down & sings along*

Yeah,  I went there. And now it’s on my blog forevevvvverrrrr.

Another goal: find three new foods I’ve never cooked/eaten before and make a yummy dinner with them. Document. Post next week.

You know the drill: Think of goals. Post your goals. Conquer your goals. DO IT UP.


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  1. erinjaeger permalink
    04/29/2012 7:56 pm

    Stephie, it makes so much sense that you feel tall! Expand those spinal discs!!

  2. sarajweber permalink
    04/30/2012 12:13 am

    I haven’t forgotten! I’m gonna eat HEALTHY this week. :) aka goal is : 3-5 servings of veggies/fruits per day

  3. KWalker permalink
    05/04/2012 8:46 am

    i forgot to update you.
    i am avoiding the obsessive amount of carbs i like to eat (or well, I have!). I like bread way too much, and dislike wheat bread. it’s a problem.

    ps. im taking a yoga gym class next semester. i’m psyched

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