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[dream a little, live a lot]


Being the type of person who literally wants to do everything life has to offer (except perhaps, skydiving), this ‘dream a little, live a lot’ thing has been a constant ‘thing’ in my head, since… well, for a long time.

How many of you have a life list? I do! It’s been on my blog for years here. Basically, it’s a not-so-short list of things I want to do during my lifetime. I made my list during my senior year of college because a blogger I follow made a list and I wanted to be cool and have a list as well. It’s way over a year later and either A) I have done a few things on the list or B) I still want to do most of the things on the list. I think that’s cool because it shows consistency in my interests, but over the last year I’ve also become more aware of other things I think would be fun to do.

Most recently? Reading. Okay, this sounds bad, that I never thought I’d want to read books. Ya’ll are laughing at me. But honestly, I found a sweet list of 50 classy classic books that I maybe have read 5 of (thank you junior year high school english class). I recognized most of the titles on the list, but admitted that I had never even taken the time to sit down and read them (no, watching the movie doesn’t count, though I haven’t seen most movie renditions either). I have ADD when it comes to reading, except of course the Hunger Games, so the thought of trying to read those 50 classic books kind of scared me at first. Then I thought, “Well, maybe it’s a good challenge for myself… To step away from reading blogs all day long and take a gander at reading real stories.” Seriously, I can hear you all avid readers out there laughing. Stop. Thanks.

Onwards: My forever-and-always-editable life list is really just a lifetime To-Do list. Things that I think would enhance my life experience, but not necessarily ruin it if they don’t get done. There are a lot more things on the list that I want to do than maybe I could ever really get around to. And there are even more things that aren’t on that list that I could add to it! I’ve listed a fraction of the things that could enhance my life; I’ve dreamt a little. And, depending on the path my life goes (which I’ve totally and willingly left up to God to figure out) I can live those little dreams in a cool way.

Basically the whole point of this is to say: I am a person who can dream about things, but more importantly looks forward to doing a LOT of those dreamt-about things.

What are a few things on your life list? I’m sure I’ve asked this before, but there are a lot of new people perusing the blog these days, so I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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  1. 04/29/2012 3:32 pm

    Oooo I love books lol! Great shot :D

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