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When I’m a fan of something I’M A FAN OF SOMETHING.

I go all in. All or nothing, baby.

It’s not always forever, sometimes just long enough to learn everything about the subject. And after reading this you will think I’m INSAAANE! Woops.

Take Hunger Games for example:

-I read the books. Twice. (Third time coming soon.)
-I saw the movie. Twice.
-I watched interviews upon interviews upon interviews of the actors.
-I peruse fan blogs and therefore I know all the popular gifs (the one of Josh dancing, anyone?) (Yeah, I’m cultured)
-I (honestly) had dream that we hired Peeta to decorate our wedding cake.
-I convinced myself mockingjays are real.
-I still replay and love certain scenes in my head over and over. Cave scene. Bread scene. Crying in the car on the way to the train scene. Braid touch scene.
-I considered taking bow and arrow lessons.
-Our first dog will undoubtedly be named Finnick. (DON’T STEAL THAT IDEA).

Other things this has happened with:

The Newsies: One summer at Spofford, we were all so into it, WE LEARNED THE DANCE.  Yes, THE, dance. On top of all the words to every song. I still get giddy when someone mentions it or if I stumble upon a Newsies gif. And the worrrld will know! 

– Patterns: It’s trendy and I hate being trendy, but I can’t help it with this one! I LOVE it. When I see a perfect patterned dress, shoes, bag, chair, anything, I drool. And then cry. And then hand Nate my wallet because otherwise I’d buy all the patterned things.

Glee: Back when it was new and exciting, I stalked all the actors on Twitter. Like, constantly. And I have ALL the music from the first season. Since then, I’ve calmed down a bit. I still like/watch it, just not as religiously. And I’ve backed off the Twitter stalking. As much as I wish it would, that won’t make them my best friends.

Jack & Rose: See this post. Also, Leo & Kate should be married. That is all.

Sweet potatoes. The moment I realized they were actually pretty healthy and tasted delicious, I fantasized over all the things I could make with them. I’ve probably only made two of those dishes, but since recently adopting a new view of healthiness, they have made their way back into my regular diet. Also, I want to make sweet potato muffins. Does that sounds weird?

Green. Wait. This is not new. This will be forever.


Because some of you only come for the pictures, here are some snippets from the last few days:

What are YOU a super fan of? Spill the beans! Don’t be shy!

Happy Wednesday!


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  1. Kate permalink
    04/18/2012 1:14 pm

    Ok, I’ll go first. (Especially) When you write like this, I’m like, “Stephannniiiiieeeee. Why haven’t we been hanging out lately?”. And then I’m like, “Dang! Real life”. Things I obsess over? Well, I am consciously the complete opposite of an obsessed fan. I’ve had this complex since I was a kid that being an all out fan makes you ridiculous, or silly, or trendy (a sin in my book bad then), or something! I don’t even know what I thought. But I have things I’ve secretly absorbed into myself like I own them. One, as you know, also includes The Hunger Games! Irresistible. I’ve tried to come up with how I can name my kids after HG characters and get away with it. A pet is a good idea! But Finnick would make a better fish name. As a kid, my thing was The Lion King. I had every stuffed toy, pants suit, and jelly shoe with a Lion King character on it. Then it was The Simpsons. I could quote any episode on demand and I was darn proud of it! I felt like I lived in Springfield, USA. Your obsession with Leo is one I can associate with, but that was one I kept secret. I thought he was beautiful, too, when I was 8, but I never wanted to admit it because, well, I was 8 (That movie came out when we were 8!). But now I still think he is attractive and I feel old enough to own up to it. [hope that was long enough for you]

  2. 04/18/2012 1:38 pm

    AHHAHA Great shots! Very personal :) I’m just now reading the hunger games and it’s very addicting! HAHA! i can’t wait to see the movie!

  3. Kate permalink
    04/19/2012 8:27 am

    Also, Cheerios. I’m obsessed with Cheerios. When I was little, I always said, “I LOVE Cheerios!”. And my mom would say, “Are you going to marry them?”. I could still rave about delicious Cheerios all day long.

  4. Kate permalink
    04/19/2012 8:32 am

    (And yes, Devon is thankful that I didn’t follow through on my outspoken Cheerio obsession.)

    • 04/19/2012 12:33 pm

      Haha I love this super thorough list of obsessions! Thanks Kate! You also forgot to add you’re nieces/nephew to the list! You’re totally obsessed with them. So am I haha =) I MISS YOU. Real life is gettin’ in the way…

      Love ya.

  5. Imani permalink
    04/30/2012 1:38 am

    Can I just say.. I love your honesty on your love of Hunger Games. I too read the books twice (also considering a 3rd). Saw the movie twice. Discussed the movies for days after I first saw it. In love with everything about Peeta. Cave scene= fave, fave, FAVE. And I’ve taken it upon myself to be the personal PR for that franchise in the DR.

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