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[roo cat]


This is Roo. He was named after a kangaroo, because he was born with a gimpy front leg so he spends his life hopping around the house. I’m pretty sure he also climbs trees.

He’s such a fluffernutter. Don’t tell him, but he’s not my favorite cat. My mountain lion, Joey, is the best, but Roo is a very close second. He’s definitely more talkative and personable and playful and skinny haha.

I’m such a cat person.


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  1. Tia permalink
    04/11/2012 1:06 pm

    awww…what great pictures of rooey! He is such a sweetie pie! Maybe when you come visit you could take some portraits of our “kids” :-)

  2. 04/11/2012 3:02 pm

    awww Roo boo I love him!!

  3. 04/11/2012 9:59 pm

    Oh my gosh what an adorable face! I love that kitty! I posted a blog last night about both my cats you’re going to have to check it out lol! Great shots and he’s very photogenic :-)

  4. 04/12/2012 10:19 am

    why he looks so sad? you’ve got beautiful cat :)

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