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[for your inspiration//59] Lots ‘O Pinks.


1. Recently I’ve decided to take sugars and other not-so-great-for-me things out of my diet. As I was perusing the internet to find baking recipes that don’t use that kind of stuff, I stumbled upon these pumpkin muffins. And then I died. Because they might be my new best friend.

2. Adrian Duckworth‘s art is the definition of “I WANT THIS ON MY WALL NOW”. It’s abstract, but almost… uniformed. Uniformed abstractness. She’s starting a new genre and she doesn’t even know it.

3. We featured this font on the invitation blog last Friday, but I just had to share it here, too. It’s called Love Potion, and it’s literally the cutest font ever. I don’t know if I’m allowed to call a font cute, but I just did it, so there.

4. I am no where near hot enough to wear this dress (by Mara Hoffman), but it has to be shared anyways. The pattern blows my mind! I call it… tribal with a hint of extreme girliness.

5. Sneakpeeker of a wedding detail. It won’t be exactly like this, but this is the inspiration: vintage seed packets.

6. Now that spring is here, I’m starting to do more family photo shoots! My church is PACKED with adorable babies and sweet parents and toddlers with shaggy haircuts. I really like this casual family shot by Our Labor of Love Photography, so I want to remember it for future shoots!

I was home for a bit this past weekend, so be on the lookout for pics of that gallivant later in the week. =)


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