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[get up & go] Week 3.


How did your goals go this week? Did that chart help you out when keeping track of things? It’s fun to hear about all the different healthy habits people are implementing into their daily lives. One good thing about last week’s challenge for me was by the end of the week I didn’t really have to think about not adding the “extras” to my coffee, oatmeal, salads. It was just natural.

Speaking of natural, the last few days I’ve been eating only “real” foods. Honest to goodness, natural noms. Vegetables, fruits, meat, nuts and berries. And coffee. That’s it. No sugar, grains/carbs, starches, or dairy. No packaged foods. No middle isle foods. It’s been really good. My body is still getting used to using proteins as energy instead of carbs, so my running has been slow, but in a few days I should be back to normal. You all probably think I’m insane. I can feel you judging me through the computer screen. It’s fine, but if you don’t believe me, you should read the book In Defense of Food. Such a mind-boggler when it comes to the food industry/habits of Americans that we don’t even realize we have.

This week’s goal for me is to continue this clean eating thing, and to also do strength training sessions 4 days this week. I don’t have a gym membership, but there are tons of exercises I can do with just my own body weight or small weights. Check out this introduction to tabata (fast interval training) or this sequence of exercises I do every so often. Just crank up the pump up music and get your butt movin’, that’s all it takes.

Hmm. I’m trying to think of more resources to give you guys… Oh, I stumbled upon this website that had me reading about running for probably an hour. Check it out if you’re just starting to run or even if you’ve been running for a long time. It’s all pretty useful and super interesting info.

I just realized I’m really, extremely vague when I write. Sorry. I’ve never been good at being useful.

One more thing. If you haven’t yet taken a before picture, do it now! Pictures always help get me into gear, especially now. If I ever “feel fat”, I look at a before picture and say, well NOT A FAT AS I USED TO BE and then I go work out. Here’s the one pic that proves that making small changes, eating less, and moving more WORKS. Embarrassing, but worth it to prove my point.

I don’t even know that person in the before picture anymore…

Anyways, happy week 3! Post your goals below! And then go get ’em!


Ooooooo and Happy Easter!! =)

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  1. sarajweber permalink
    04/08/2012 8:47 pm

    I forgot to print out your awesome little chart. I will use it this week! Goals are:

    • Count calories Mon-Fri
    • Exercise 3x this week
    • NO fried chicken/fries at work this week

  2. KWalker permalink
    04/09/2012 10:31 am

    Keeping up with the water and gym thing (i failed at the going to the gym last week) and my new goals:
    -No dessert during the week. No ice-cream, chips, chocolate, etc.
    -Any snack I pick up, will be a healthy snack!
    I ate enough on Easter anyways ;)

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