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[life-altering blog announcement]


365. A year. A year of pictures. A year of pictures that started last July when I moved to Newton so I had a reason to explore. A year of pictures that is coming to an end about 100 days early.

Before you panic, or judge me, please listen up.

The last 4 days of this blog have been pictures from my cell phone. That’s not what a 365 project is. It’s not scramblin’ to take a picture of something that’s not really that interesting just to say “Phew, I posted a picture today”. When I started this second round of 365 pictures, I did it to explore. And by golly, I’ve explored this little town of mine. I’m pretty sure I’ve taken and posted a picture of every leaf and flower on every route to church, the grocery store, the T. What I mean is, it’s getting redundant. It’s not inspiring anymore. Basically, the photographical integrity of my little space of the internet is going downhill and it’s my fault. The only solution for me is to take a step back.

Blogging in general is time consuming. But when you’re blogging something that you don’t think is worth sharing with people, why waste your time? And I don’t have much extra time these days.

– I work two jobs. Both to which I commute, one of which takes 3 hours in the morning. Which means carrying my ‘real’ camera is just one more thing to haul along. After I get home, run and make dinner, all I want to do is be horizontal and not think about much else.
– My fiance and I don’t live together, which means we see each other at best 3 days a week. I want to spend that time with him and not my computer. “Hey Nate, excited to see you for the first time in four days! Dang, it’s already 8:30? Long day at work? Well, I’ll spend some time with you soon, I have to blog first.”  This has most likely happened. And by most likely, I mean basically word-for-word.

I can hear it now (because it’s all going on in my head, honestly).

“You never finish anything you start.” Okay, while this is mostly true in my life (craft projects, folding all my laundry in one go, ect.), let me remind you that I’ve already finished a 365 project. So the fact that I got way more than halfway there a SECOND time? Pretty great.

“You can’t commit.” See above. And hello? I’m engaged. Enough said.

“Just finish the dang thing, you’re 100 pictures away.” If you want to keep seeing really lame instagram pictures 4 times a week, then you should probably comment below with this exact sentence. If you want each post to get more and more forced and boring and lame, then comment below telling me that. If you want fun, inspired, REAL LIFE pictures? Then just trust me on this one.

“I only come here to look at your pictures. No more pictures? No more t.w.a.y for me.” See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya.

“So you’re gonna stop posting forever?” No way! This is my life blog. When I take pictures that mean something to me, with a story, and a purpose, and NOT “just to post a picture”, of course I’ll put them up. There will still be FYIs and the get up & go challenge. There will still be doodles. And of course, there will still be pictures! Just not every day. So basically, it will be THE SAME. But this time, I’ll only post pictures I love. LOVE, people! You know someone cares about their blog if they only post things they LOVE.

Bottom line is: The 365 project has taken the fun out of blogging. It’s a chore. And for something that I really do love doing, making it a chore just isn’t the way to go. I need a break. And? It’s my blog, so I do what I want. I’d advise you to get over it.

ANYWAYS. Happy Weekend! See ya Sunday for get up & go week 1 recap!


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  1. 03/30/2012 6:46 pm

    Proud of you and Good for you! I appreciate the honesty and I do know how time consuming blogging is (meaning I agree with all of your reasons.) It’s YOUR blog so do what you want, how you want and when you want. Way to keep your priorities straight! I’ll still be reading!!

  2. 03/30/2012 6:54 pm

    Stephanie! I feel like no one would be criticizing you – it’s more than understandable, and there is no question of you being incapable of finishing a project or committing. If anything, this shows how committed you are. You’re not willing to settle for less, and you know quality when you see it. In my mind, that’s what puts you a cut above the rest!

  3. Imani permalink
    03/30/2012 7:01 pm

    I support your decision 300% (not that you need my approval, haha). This is exactly the way I felt during the last few months of my 365 project. Kudos to you for making this decision, AND kudos to you because you already did a 365 day project, and it was amazinggg!
    Also, you are hilarious. As I read this, I could actually hear you saying it out loud. I miss your sarcastic humor!!

  4. sarajweber permalink
    03/31/2012 5:36 pm

    It’s good to know when you need to step away. I respect & admire you for that!

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