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[272] 500 Mill.


All this talk of an almost 500 million dollar lottery got me thinking about what I might do if I won it (yes, I bought a ticket today.)

Things I’d do with 500 MILLION bucks. An edited version (there’s a lot on the original): 
– First off, donate to some of my favorites places, organizations and foundations. They deserve it. I don’t.
– Pay off all the siblings’ college loans.
– Buy Mom her dream house: yellow two-story with a huge wrap-around porch. Preferably by a beach.
– Renovate an old warehouse and turn it into affordable artist studios and galleries.
– Start the most awesome art collection ever.
– Buy a cul-de-sac & 7 houses. Pay for the relocation of my RAKSS girls so we can all live together. =)
– Invest in a vacation villa in Italy for our families to enjoy for the rest of their lives.
– Hire a personal stylist. Because we all know I need it.

Tonight, as I was innocently waiting in line to pay for my groceries, something jumped out from behind a tree and shot an arrow at my face. So I defended myself with this magazine and therefor had to buy it to thank it for it’s services. (Bahah what is wrong with me right now). Before Nate had finished dinner, I was done reading it front to back. Glorious.

A kitchen conversation (while emptying the dishwasher):
Nate: This cast iron is so heavy (holding the skillet up over his head and making a strong man face).
Me: Mhmm.
A few seconds later while Nate is clamoring to put it away under the stove…
Me: I saw a bunny rabbit on my run today.
Nate: Yeah, then you could swat away any attackers.
Me: Trying to piece it together but failing… Wait… huh?
Nate: What? Didn’t you just say you should have brought that on your run today?
Me: No, I saw a bunny rabbit on my run today!
Nate: Wow, you must have just been really confused why I said that.

Baha. Us.


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  1. 03/29/2012 9:49 pm

    Hahaha completely entertaining and random! I loved it!! Hahaha your blogs are my favs lol thanks for the entertainment and lovin the photos :-)

  2. 03/29/2012 10:32 pm

    Ending story made me chuckle! Love you Steph!!

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