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[267] I died at the Hunger Games.



I’m still trying to recover.

The movie blew my mind in a different way than the book did. But still a good way. Some parts they did SO WELL. Some parts were weird (all the behind the scenes at the Capitol, for example. Cool, but weird. Didn’t expect it.) But all in all, it was a complete, hauntingly beautiful story, and although it wasn’t exactly the same as the book (no book-to-movie ever is) it was still AWESOME.

Katniss was perfect. Peeta was perfect (literally). Rue was perfect. Cinna was perfect. Prim was perfect. Gale was okay. Effie was actually adorable. Caesar & Haymitch were both pretty hilarious.

The bread scene was perfect. The cave scene was to die for. The tracker jacker scene was insane! Peeta’s camouflage was perfect. Rue’s death was perfect (I mean, SAD, but just very.. tasteful. I balled. BALLED.)

AND THE BRAID TOUCH. Oh my gosh, the braid touch, right before they almost ate the berries, when Peeta just slightly touched Katniss’s braid…. THAT’S WHEN I DIED. I could watch that 4 seconds over and over and be happy forever.


I’m a thirteen year old girl.

It’s fine.

Now go read it. Then go watch it. Then cry.


P.S. Cuse is tied w/ Ohio at halftime. GO CUSE / DO IT UP.

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  1. Christy permalink
    03/25/2012 1:06 am

    I am 27 years old and I completely agree with you. The whole capitol perspective and seneca crane were just to help explain things further since in the book everything is told in first person. The actors they chose were SPOT ON. Except for Gale….the was something weird about him, he coud not convince me.

    But PEETA…..he was perfect.

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