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[265] Only 100 Pics Left!


During my iced chai latte break, I roamed around sunshiny Providence and stumbled upon this gem of an old brick painted sign. Love these things. All the history and grunginess of them. This one’s especially nice, I think.

Since I couldn’t be outside in the sunshinyness all day long, I settled for perfect sun streaming thru my window. A little selfie in the reflection of my computer.

Flowers are blooming in my front yard!

NOW. It’s time to fully concentrate on the ‘CUSE game. Which is in Boston. Which is 10 minutes away from me. And I’m crying cuz I could BE THERE, but was too poor to buy a ticket. WAHHH. This is closest I’ve been to my boys playing, yet NOT been at the game. It sucks. Can you tell I’m a tad obsessed? Yeah.

Also obsessed with: Hunger Games. Almost done with the 1st book for the second time. Not going to the midnight viewing cuz I jumped on the bandwagon too late, BUT we’re going Monday. And. I. Can’t. WAIT.



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