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[263] How2: SCRUMPTIOUS Iced Green Tea.


Today is the day I impart my spring-time wisdom onto you and show you how to make yummy, fast, iced green tea. (Sidenote: it’s probably not much different from the way you do it, if you do it. But listen up anyways. I do some weird stuff.)

Pre-tea instructions: Boil water. Duh.

1. Then, find a lovely drinking device. I chose a hipster mason jar. Fill it UP with ice cubes (I used a whole tray. Yeah, I really did.)

2. Find green tea. Bagged green tea works just as well as fancy loose leaf.

3. Find a DIFFERENT cup to brew your tea in (because tea needs HOT water to brew, not icy water). Let it sit there for about 3 long minutes.

4. Now it’s time to pour it over the ice. NOTICE: The ice will melt. But, don’t worry, if you’ve put enough cubes in there, the tea will get cold almost immediately anyways. Basically saves waiting for 30 minutes for it to cool in the fridge.

5. If you’re me, you add LOTS of honey. If you’re not me, you save a lot of calories.

6. Kick back in your porch rocking chair (I’m jealous of those of you who have this life option) and enjoy!

I think what’s most fun about this is that it’s actually warm enough outside to even think about ICED anything. =)


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