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[doodles&daydreams//55] Many Days of Doodles.


This is my notepad of doodles at work. If a fun random thought ran through my head, I doodled it. The part about tweeting a lot? So true.

Earlier in the week someone (not me) had a brilliant idea for me to take doodle requests thru Instagram. So if you’re on Instagram, this is how to jump in on the fun: Take a picture of words (a quote, your name, a favorite song lyric) or an object (your coffee mug, your shoes, ect.) and hashtag it with #doodleREQS … and because there are NO other tags like that on Instagram it will be our little secret. I’ll be able to see your requests and when I’m done doodling them, I’ll take a pic and post/tag it (and tag you as well), so you can see it too. Sound easy? Sound fun? DO IT UP YO.

#doodleREQS – who is gonna be the first?!


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