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I’ve always been a ring girl. At one point in life I wore so many rings I think only my pinkies were left bare. I loved it. Every ring had a story.

For some reason or another I don’t have any of those rings anymore. I forgot a few on the treadmill at the gym last spring, and when I went back only the “ugly” one was left. Ugly as in, thank the Lord t was still there because it was the one with the best story. I did cry a little over the other ones. One my grandma had given me, one I had been wearing since I was 16.

I gave my little sister another one of my rings, one that I’d found at a thrift store. All around it were the numbers 1-12, and I always thought it might be a code for some secret cavern in the middle of Montana or something, haha =)

Funny now that I’m remembering all these rings, they all had something in common: they were sterling silver. Back in the day I hated the idea of having colorful rings because they wouldn’t match every outfit I wore. I wanted my rings to be versatile, because I honestly believe that if I owned a ring, it should be on my finger 24/7. I didn’t realize you could mix and match different rings every day. =)

Anyways, that whole back story was to bring you to this week’s FYI, which is, as you can guess, a roundup of rings that have caught my eye the last few months. You can see I’ve branched away from the sterling silver and found some colors and shapes that are super great and can easily be mix and matched depending on the day. Hope to get my hands on these get these on my hands someday!

Aren’t those all freakin’ FABULOUS. Yes. Yes they are.



Crap. I just remembered I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t buy myself jewelry. Ever. Oh, well. My birthday is in June. =)

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  1. 03/12/2012 10:07 am

    you really know the way into this girl’s heart!

    • 03/12/2012 1:02 pm

      I actually thought of you while I was putting this together! I knew we were friends for a reason :) you always have the greatest rings. Miss you!!

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