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[250] Detour.


Today was a Providence day.
(That’s how I categorize my days. Boston day. Providence day. Weekend Day.)

Anyways, I intentionally took a different route from the train station to the office because I wanted some new scenery to look at. I found a shoe store with great deals. Didn’t buy any shoes though, my feet were too big for everything bahaha. Providence has a ton of old buildings and signs and paintings on brick walls and random alley ways, so I will be busy finding new things for a while.

Other things & stuff:
– I know you absolutely don’t care, but I ate a cheese stick for snack. I’m not sure why  there was a hiatus in my life when I didn’t eat them, but now, I never want to let them out of my sight. Ever.
– sooooo tiirrreedd. must. go. to. sleep.
– Might bring back some self-portraits into my life. Like today. Sorry ’bout the nostrils.

GOODNIGHT. Yes, I’m going to sleep at 9. I’m telling you, sooo tired. Mer.


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  1. 03/07/2012 9:01 pm

    Lol great post! I love finding new places! And I can’t believe that was your first cheese stick!! Haha its little things like that that make life easier lol. Thanks for the smile :-)

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