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[248] Not Another Monday.


This title is not supposed to sound desperate, like OH LORD, PLEASE, NOT ANOTHER MONDAY (like, let’s be honest, most Mondays are).

Nope, this title is saying that this Monday was not like the other Mondays. It was different. In a good way.

Well, first off, in a very superficial way: I wore flats. Because it’s almost spring, I can just FEEL IT. I also wore two different socks, which is totally fine in my book, however old you are. One had fish bowls (yes, I own one sock that has fish bowls on it) and the other had flowers (I happen to own two of these ones). Observe:

Secondly, because Nathaniel and I had LUNCH together! How long have we both worked in the city?! And today was the first time we’ve had a lunch date, haha. =) We went to good ol’ Quincy Market and both got overflowing bread bowls of clam chowda. Good thing I ran this morning. This was my majoritally-devoured lunch: ( p.s. I know majoritally isn’t a word, thanks though)

And thirdly: this week our church is hosting and evangelist named Jonathan Shuttlesworth. Oh man, has he been a blessing to our church already in the two nights he’s preached. There are two more nights to go and I can’t wait to see what God will do through him. Already God has healed and set people free from sickness and sin. I know – I BELIEVE – tomorrow night is going to literally be amazing. If you can’t make it out to 150 Lowell St. Newton, MA tomorrow night, then WATCH the live-stream HERE tomorrow night at 7. To any of my blog readers who’s spirits need to be refreshed, who need to be refueled to live life for Jesus: I challenge you to watch and be renewed tomorrow night. The only thing you’ll have to lose is all that pressure of life off your shoulders. Honestly.

Sleep well, all you late-night interneters.


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  1. 03/05/2012 10:53 pm

    Very creative and fun :-)

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