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[244] Dreamt It.

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Things I did do today:
– Coffee-d.
– Worked from home.
– Watched it snow all day long.
– Took a nap.
– Finished book 2 of the Hunger Game series.
– Started book 3 of the Hunger Games series.

Things I didn’t do today:
– Shower ’til 5pm.
– Go outside.
– Leave my couch.

So, if I didn’t leave the house, how did I take this picture? One word: yesterday.

During my nap I had a dream. I woke up briefly to make a note of it on my phone. Here is what I wrote:
Preforming Valerie with Rachel Berry in my high school auditorium, with Simon and Paula judging. I danced ballet (with a cup of coffee in my hand), she sang. 

That’s all I wrote, then I went back to nap.

Let’s break it down.
Valerie/Rachel Berry: I was listening to Glee music a lot today.
High school auditorium: No idea, haven’t been there in years.
Simon and Paula: No idea, haven’t watched American Idol in years.
Me, dancing: No idea, I can’t dance.
Coffee: Duh. I drink it all the time.


Also, the other night, I had a dream little Vivia said the word octopus.

Ok, that’s a wrap. A rap?


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