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[241] Hungry all Day.

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Before I gush on and on about something pretty great, I do have to say that the lack of “real pictures” the past few days has been completely my fault (duh, I run this blog). But I’m going to be honest when I say that carrying around my big camera has been so inconvenient as of late that I’ve been justifying taking pics with my iPhone. I feel bad and kind of like it’s a cop out, but that’s just how my life is right now. So as much as I feel bad, I’m also going to tell you to deal with it. Thanks! ;)

ANYWAYS, I did something today I’ve been waiting to do for a long time (fine, maybe 2 weeks max). I started reading the Hunger Games! Not only because the movie is coming out and I want to see it, but more because I actually just wanted to read a good book and I heard these were really great. And guess WHAT. I couldn’t put it down. Good thing I had a day off today, because I actually sat on my couch and read it the WHOLE book (and may or may not have started the second one) Um, it was freakin’ awesome. At one point I took a short break to do a little work and eat something, and during that break I seriously felt like I was missing out on something, like the story is going on with out me… it was a weird feeling. So then I promptly got back to it and life was better. Lots of thanks to all who told me to read it!

Pre.S. Also, I just saw a trailer for the movie on TV and now I actually know what they’re talking about and reallyyy can’t wait to see it. Kgreat. Bye.


Post.S. Read it. GO.

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