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[238] Love Songs.


This special, amazing, wonderfully thoughtful mix CD is from one of my favorite CMD friends, Snappleby! Out of all the nice things people have sent/said/done since being engaged, this is one of the GREATEST. She made it so I can listen while I’m doing wedding related things. Snaps knows me so well. Probably because we spent every waking hour together for 2 full years, and especially the last 6 months of college. =) Oh, we’ve listened to our fair share of music, but I’m honestly not sure just how Snaps got SO MANY of my favorite songs on one CD. Like, I’m sure most of you know how I have spurts of my life where I’ll listen to a song a THOUSAND times in a row. Well TONS of these ones have made the cut… All My Lovin’I’m Yours (STILL play this on repeat all day long) SlideYour SongBetter TogetherBeautiful Soul (Don’t ask me why but this was my fave song in High School)… Love’s Lookin’ Good on You… And they’re all on my new CD! THANK YOU SNAPS!


P.S. I haven’t seen a mix CD since like 2007. This is great.

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