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[230] No More Teeth.


My wisdom teeth, that is.
Oh hey, my name is Chipmuck Cheeks and I’m wrapped in frozen peas and corn. Nbd. BAHAHAHA. Omg this is so ugly.

It’s two hours after the procedure and I’m currently sitting on Nate’s couch, forcing down oatmeal, watching the Biggest Loser while also catching up on 45 blog posts on Google Reader I’ve been saving up for this day of most anticipated wisdomteethery. Okay, wait, stop. Let me just tell you. The actual part of sitting in the tooth removal chair watching/listening the tooth removal man take my teeth out was kinda cool. I was trying to watch them while they cut my mouth up, but obviously that was hard. I was listening to musica, and at the parts when the drill got loud or it sort of hurt, I turned the music up louder. And with the laughing gas I was sort of lightheadedy, which was weird. My fingers tingled. Baha.

Anndd…. two hours later from the two hours later… Pain. Blah. Drool. Ew. Ibuprofen. Wah.

I want to go sleep now. Kbye.


P.S. Not my sweatshirt. It was the closest one to my shivering body when I got back to Nate’s house. ‘Cuse FOREVERRR.

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  1. AWalker permalink
    02/16/2012 6:27 pm

    You’re cute. And I can’t believe you didn’t fall right asleep. I did at least. but I love that you were interested with the process. Cause I always tell people how cool it was to feel the crunching then out popped my tooth… But everyone always says that’s gross. Haha

    • 03/01/2012 10:36 am

      Haha yeah I wanted them to keep going, like I was sad when it was over so fast. I’m a total weirdo.

      • AWalker permalink
        03/02/2012 11:32 am

        HAha. Its okay to be a wierdo. :)

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