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[for your inspiration//52] Valentine’s Color.


1. I dream of an all out wooden kitchen/house. But mostly kitchen. It’s just so cozy looking. I feel like I could cook all day in that place, and I don’t even like cooking.
2. Get your fingers moving while you make this cute origami heart note. I will be. Later today. Not for any of you though, sorry.
3. OMG this Valentine’s Day fort. I used to love making forts. This is the perfect grown up kind of fort. Please I wish I could have this tomorrow!
4. Hahahahahaha. Hamburger wrapping paper. Hahahahahahhaha. Bril.
5. Super adorable doodle I love you card. By Wit & Whistle.
6. New color palettes on the work bloggity. This one is spring inspired. Oh how I miss warm weather. Not that it’s been very cold this winter, thank God.


Happy Monday, yalls.


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  1. Tia permalink
    02/14/2012 4:40 pm

    Our kitchen componants were delivered yesterday….all beautiful wood!! You’ll love our kitchen when it’s all put together! So will I.

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