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[doodles&daydreams//51] Valentine’s Day Edition.


Hola mi Valentinas! I want you to know and appreciate the fact that I spent TWELVE HOURS on this Vday doodle, just for all your dedicated t.w.a.y readers out there.

I need you all to tell me two Valentine’s day memories, just for fun. Only the good ones. Or a bad one, if it’s really funny. Like if you sent a candy gram to the wrong person in middle school.
Here are mine:

1. For two consecutive years in high school all the girls on swim team would come to my house on or around Vday and have a girls only Valentine’s day party. We’d make yummy chocolate morsels of goodness, all be wearing pink or red, and somehow all cuddle on the couch at once while watching a sappy chick flick. One time we definitely had a dance party to Christina Aguilara and Kelly Clarkson music.

2. Last Valentine’s day was the first year I had a REAL LIVE BOY VALENTINE. We drank wine and ate chocolate. It was movie-perfect. And we’ll do it all again this year. Be jealous. That is all.

Happy early Valentine’s Day! Now tell me your memoriiiiiies.


P.S. Bahahaha, I’m totally just kidding about the twelve hour thing. It only took 2 hours to doodle that. It’s still cool, though, right?

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  1. Kat permalink
    02/10/2012 9:34 am

    About two or three years ago, I came home from a winter retreat to my room all decorated in red with hearts all over my walls and my door had a red plastic sheet on it. There were heart balloons and a bag (with KitKat bars in it) on my bed. My dad had done all of this for me :) It is my favorite memory of Valentine’s Day.

    Another memory is the one that I am making this year with my floor mates. Most of us are having dinner together (those who are single and one who’s bf isn’t here). They think it’s more of an anti-Valentine’s Day, but I secretly think everyone will enjoy the day and have lots of fun. I am also giving everyone a card, some chocolate, and a fake carnation. I’m looking forward to it :)

    P.S. I love the Valentine doodle :)

  2. Tia permalink
    02/14/2012 4:37 pm

    Lovely memory in the making, Kat….sometimes that’s the best way to deal with holidays that make us think we should be a certain way (ie like in a relationship) – take charge and make it whatever works for us! Have fun!
    My memory is that when we were really little we’d have a Valentine-making night, with red construction paper, crayons and markers, white doilies and scissors, and we made Valentines for everyone in our family. Plus we’d have to sign the silly little already made ones to all our classmates at school. :-)

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