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[221] Patterned Everything. EVERYTHING. Please.


I know patterns are not a new concept in this world. They’ve been around since cavemen first drew multiple horses in a row on the dark walls of their caves in Mesopotamia (note: I obviously payed attention in art history class, duh). I’ve always been a fan of stripes. Polka dots. Swirls. Even plaid (sometimes). But these days there are a ton of new and exciting patterns creeping up and exciting me and inspiring me. Just today I sat down on a couch that had a retro space/galaxy/scientific pattern on it that I thought was so great. And next to my polka dots, they made a great pair. Observe:

Then I had a little time to play around with curlies I had already drawn in Illustrator, but I just played with them in a new way and made a completely different pattern with them. A little bit octopus-like.

And I was going to show you some patterns I’ve been diggin’ BUT WordPress is being ridiculous right now. And. So. Goodnight. Happy patterning.

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