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[for your inspiration//51] Illustration Blues.


Title: A) most of this stuff is either an illustration or has a blue hue to it and B) I’m sure most of New England has the blues after last night’s game. So here are some pretty blues to cheer you up. That is, if anything can cheer you up. Chocolate, maybe? Sorry, I can’t send you chocolate through the computer screen…

1. This one little picture of this scrapbook journal reminded me of how I used to journal and re-inspired me to start again!
2. Ink&Wit illustrations always (always, always) make me smile. These ones are of the four seasons. Just love them.
3. The fun part life these days is that Nate & I get to decided what our future living space will look like. I’m diggin’ this tan & turquoise scheme going on here. ‘Specially those great big pillow patterns!
4. Amanda K is an artist, and this snowy, princess shoot of hers blows my mind. It’s SO beautiful!
5. I once bought tea because of it’s wooden packaging design. I’d buy this tea a thousand times because of it’s super cute, illustrated, vintage-esque packaging design. Designed by One Darnley Road.
6. This illustrated girl is gorgeous, yes? She’s a drawing! But she’s still so pretty! By Kristina of Kris Atomic.


And now? I must run. In this 43 degree in February kind of weather. =)


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