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[215] Green in Winter.


Hey bloggity readers! There are a few things we need to discuss on this fine February (!) evening:

1) Was it 60 degrees in your town today? It sure was here, and I cried. Because it’s only February first and I know this weather isn’t here to stay for long. Unless God has a surprise for us and he wants us to have a snowless winter, which, Lord! I am perfectly ok with. I also cried because I wanted so badly to run (which, if you read my blog yesterday, you know I’ve been lacking that) but I worked and then got home (Nate’s house, basically home) after dark. And I forgot my reflecty vest at my apartment. But! This is progress. I wanted to run.

2) There’s a new series on the invitation company blog! Each Wednesday I’ll be creating color palettes inspired by pictures I’ve taken. These palettes are technically supposed to be for brides, but I figure anyone looking for color inspiration will find them useful. Today’s post was the first of hopefully many so go check it out! :)

3) I sat in the Buck of Stars for a bit this morning and overheard two men passionately talking about a book they were writing together. And let me tell you, these men were NOT talking softly about it. I mean, I could have stolen their idea. But it was about a woman, some swords & the color blue, so that’s not really my style. I’ll let them keep it.

I had originally written a few other things but decided I’m not ready to tell ya’ll yet. SORRAY. Have a great night.


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