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[214] Redundant & Running.


Not only is this picture of shadow and bricks slightly redundant because I always take pictures of shadows and bricks, but also the following rant about running will be redundant. So feel free to skip right on down to the “have a nice day”.


This screen shot:

There is so much I can say about this picture. Mostly about the numbers on this picture. Do you see how in November I ran almost 60 miles? And do you see in December and January how I ran merely HALF that? I’m stuck. I am really, really stuck. Since finishing a half marathon in the middle of November, I’ve literally wanted nothing to do with running. The furthest run I’ve done since the half is 5 miles. FIVE. I know, I know, “you aren’t training for anything, why get down on yourself?” Well, why do I have to be training for something to get in a reasonable amount of miles in a month? Last April I ran 70 miles. 70! And I was training for squat. I was running because I loved it. And for some reason, recently, I haven’t been loving it. Maybe I need a switch-up. Maybe I should do something else and have a chance to “miss” running for a while. I don’t know. It’s like, deep down all I want to do is run! But I can’t get my mind to tell my body it will be a good idea.

Also, this working out everyday thing? I’m being honest with you, my little schmloggityblog readers, it’s FAILING. Merrrr….
Why?! you may ask… Let me invite you into my world of excuses:
1. It’s too cold out.
2. I don’t have a gym membership.
3. I walked a lot today, that counts.
4. I don’t have a running buddy.
5. Bed = my best friend.
6. My schedule is whacko.
7. *general apathy about being healthy*

See? Mer.

One of my past successful ways of getting out of a rut is setting a goal for myself. So seeing as this month has the potentiality to be insane, I’m going to set a very realistic goal: Run. Just run. Doesn’t matter how far, how many miles, how fast, just run until I love running again. That is my goal. I really, really hope this works.


P.S. Today was such a good day. I explored Providence (read: got lost) and had a job interview and bought two new pretty dresses. One of which has perfect polka dots.

P.S. I forgot the “have a nice day”. =)

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  1. Molly permalink
    02/01/2012 11:13 am

    At least you ran! 30 miles in a month is probably more miles than you ran that same month a couple of years ago. “Just keep swimming!” :)

  2. 02/06/2012 9:51 pm

    true true! things have been better lately, thanks for the encouragement!

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